PATHFINDER - Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set
PATHFINDER - Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set
PATHFINDER - Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set
PATHFINDER - Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set

PATHFINDER - Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set

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Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set

The Stainless Steel Bottle Cook Set COMBO were designed so the bottle will nest inside the cup and the stove can nest around the cup for convenient and compact storage. The wide-mouth design allows you to easily obtain water from shallow water pools, providing far more opportunities to procure water if necessary. The strong Single Wall construction can withstand direct fire or can be placed directly in coals for the purposes of boiling/disinfecting water.

The Pathfinder Wide-mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle was designed to hold exactly 32oz of liquid. Why? Purification tablets are typically added to 32oz of water, that being the case, you can simply fill your bottle and add the tablets. No more measuring, no more worry.

The nesting cup has fold-able heavy gauge "batwing" handles with an opening large enough for a gloved hand and measurement graduations laser etched on the inside to easily measure liquids or dry goods.

The stove acts as both a standalone bio-stove for cooking, a small grill or a stable stand to set your cup or bottle over coals.

Set Includes:

  • 32oz Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Bottle with Flat Cap
  • 25oz Stainless Steel Cup with HEAVY gauge "bat wing" handles
  • A Stainless Steel Cup Lid with straining holes
  • Bottle Stove

Bottle Specs:

  • Single Wall Stainless Steel is 304 grade, .5mm thick.
  • Flat Cap is ABS plastic with a stainless steel insert and a silicone ring seal
  • Bottle dimensions: 8" tall, 3 ¾ diameter (with cap)
  • Weight: 8.5oz (with cap)

Cup Specs:

  • Cup dimensions: 4 ½" tall, 3 ¾" diameter
  • Cup graduations on the inside of the cup: 16oz, 20oz, 25oz and 500ml, 600ml, 700ml
  • Weight: 8.2oz with lid

Bottle Stove Specs.

  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • 3.75" diameter x 3.25" high
  • Weight: 3.3oz

NOTE: Do not store hot liquids in the bottle as doing so can cause the cap to sit/seal improperly. If you are purchasing our bottle to use with other manufacturer's accessories, we make no claims they are compatible. 

Designed in the USA

Backed by the Pathfinder Promise